Sage Software End User License Agreement

Use Restrictions: This program contains a component covered by a license other than the one defined above: MyDownloader: A Multi-thread C-Segmented Download Manager, by Guilherme Labigalini, The Code Project License (CPOL) version 1.02, The Sage End License Agreement („EULA“) regulates the use of the wise software listed below. The Board.C.A. was recently updated to include provisions for new products for sage`s premises subscriptions. Check and/or download a copy of the revised CLA here. If you have any questions about CLA and deposit products, please call Sales at the number above. 8. Full agreement. This ECJ expressly replaces all previous end-user licensing agreements and replaces them completely. MISYS is not bound to you or may not be held responsible for existing or simultaneous written or oral assurances or guarantees provided by third parties regarding the product of the software, including an authorized distributor or reseller, or their respective agents, employees or agents, nor may be considered third parties to MISYS` obligations to such a reseller or reseller. A.

LICENCE: Under an agreement with RSMeans, Sage offers the customer a non-exclusive, non-transferable and limited sub-license for the duration of its license to Sage software for the use and display of the cost data contained in the software, provided you fully comply with this addition. The client license allows the use and display of the cost data provided in the software only for regular use as part of the construction and related work estimate. You can install the software on a single computer for access and use of a single user or server for simultaneous access and use on a network by multiple users, as long as the number of users at a time does not exceed the number of „uses“ you pay for. 1. d. individual database. Your license for this software gives you the right to create and manage a database for the licensed company, regardless of where that database is physically located. You can only save the database for archiving purposes. When Microsoft SQL Server v2005-Standard Edition comes with your software, the rules of the Microsoft SQL Server 2005-Standard Edition license apply to you.

(Download the license.) For SEI, which is provided as local software, you are responsible for having and maintaining the usual industry backup/recovery processes for customer data and software data, including reconstructing lost or modified source data.