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Gootloader infection cleaned up

Dear blog owner and visitors,

This blog had been infected to serve up Gootloader malware to Google search victims, via a common tactic known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) poisioning. Your blog was serving up 215 malicious pages. Your blogged served up malware to 151 visitors.

I tried my best to clean up the infection, but I would do the following:

  • Upgrade WordPress to the latest version (one way the attackers might have gained access to your server)
  • Upgrade all WordPress themes to the latest versions (another way the attackers might have gained access to your server)
  • Upgrade all WordPress plugins (another way the attackers might have gained access to your server), and remove any unnecessary plugins.
  • Verify all users are valid (in case the attackers left a backup account, to get back in)
  • Change all passwords (for WordPress accounts, FTP, SSH, database, etc.) and keys. This is probably how the attackers got in, as they are known to brute force weak passwords
  • Run antivirus scans on your server
  • Block these IPs ( and, either in your firewall, .htaccess file, or in your /etc/hosts file, as these are the attackers command and control servers, which send malicious commands for your blog to execute
  • Check cronjobs (both server and WordPress), aka scheduled tasks. This is a common method that an attacker will use to get back in. If you are not sure, what this is, Google it
  • Consider wiping the server completly, as you do not know how deep the infection is. If you decide not to, I recommend installing some security plugins for WordPress, to try and scan for any remaining malicious files. Integrity Checker, WordPress Core Integrity Checker, Sucuri Security,
    and Wordfence Security, all do some level of detection, but not 100% guaranteed
  • Go through the process for Google to recrawl your site, to remove the malcious links (to see what malicious pages there were, Go to Google and search agreement)
  • Check subdomains, to see if they were infected as well
  • Check file permissions

Gootloader (previously Gootkit) malware has been around since 2014, and is used to initally infect a system, and then sell that access off to other attackers, who then usually deploy additional malware, to include ransomware and banking trojans. By cleaning up your blog, it will make a dent in how they infect victims. PLEASE try to keep it up-to-date and secure, so this does not happen again.


The Internet Janitor

Below are some links to research/further explaination on Gootloader:

This message


Buzzer Panel Mounting

SpecificationsMore PicturesDatasheet
Betriebsspannung / Operating Voltage (AC/DC) (V) 5 – 28
Nennspannung / Rated Voltage (AC/DC) (V) 12
Stromaufnahme / Current Consumption (mA) max. 20
Lautstärke / Sound Pressure Level (SPL) (dB/1m) 85 +/-3 dB
Resonanzfrequenz / Resonant Frequecy 2.900 +/-500
Tonart / Tone konstant/continuous
Betriebstemperatur / Operating Temperature (°C) -20 to +75
Abmessungen / Dimensions (mm) Ø 43
Gewicht / Weight (g) 40
(currently not avaible)


28-Ton Siren


Operating Voltage 10 – 30 VDC
 Current Consumption max. 28mA
 Signalling Tones 28
Sound Pressure Level (SPL) 1m 96dB
Volume-Control -20dB
Ingress Protection 65
Dimensions 84 x 50mm
 Approvals CE
 Housing Material white RAL 9010, red RAL 3001, ABS


5V, 7.5mm magnetic Buzzer

Betriebsspannung / Operating Voltage (VDC) 4 – 7
Nennspannung / Rated Voltage (VDC) 5
Stromaufnahme / Current Consumption (mA) max. 30
Lautstärke / Sound Pressure Level (SPL) (dB/10cm) min. 80
Resonanzfrequenz / resonant frequency (Hz) 3.100 +/-300
Betriebstemperatur / Operating Temperature (°C) -40 to +85
Abmessungen / Dimensions (mm) Ø 7,5
Gewicht / Weight (g) 1


12V, 46mm Piezo Buzzer


Betriebsspannung / Operating Voltage (Vp-p) 1-50
Nennspannung / Rated Voltage (Vp-p) 12
Stromaufnahme / Current Consumption (mA) max 50
Resonanzfrequenz / Resonant Frequecy 2500
Lautstärke / Sound Pressure Level (SPL) (dB/30cm) 95
Betriebstemperatur / operating temperature (°C) -40 – 85
Abmessungen / Dimensions (mm) Ø46
Gewicht / Weight (g) 11


15mm SMD Loudspeaker


Electrical and Acoustical Parameter
Input Power(W) 0.3
Max. Input Power(W) 0.5
Impedance(Ω) 8 ±15%
Sound Pressure Level (dBA) @ 0.1m/0.5W/ 0, 1.6, 2.0,
3.2 kHz average
86 +/-3
Resonance Frequency F0(Hz) 850 ± 20%
Frequency Range (Hz) f0~20K
Mechanical, Environmental Parameter
Contact / Wire Pad
Operating Temperature (°C) -30 to +85
Storage Temperature (°C) -40 to +85
Material Magnet SMCO
Material Membrane Kapton
Material Housing LCP
Color Housing Black
Component Weight (g) 1.5
Packaging n.a.


Ultra Thin Multilayer Piezo Loudspeaker


Electrical and Acoustical Parameter
Input Voltage (Vp-p) 16.0
Sound pressure level (dBA@ 10cm/5Vrms at muffle room)

(average 1.0, .5, 2.0, 2.5kHz)

Min. 80
Resonance frequency F0(Hz) 1800±100
Frequency Range (Hz) 300~20000
Electrostatic Capacitance (nF at 120Hz/1V/25°C) 600±30%
Remark: Water-proof design
Mechanical, Enviromental Parameter
Contact / Wire Pad
Operating temperature (°C) -20 to +70
Storage temperature (°C) -30 to +85
Component weight (g) n.a.
Packaging tray in box

F/SKI 105N

1.5V magnetic Buzzer


Betriebsspannung / Operating Voltage (Vp-p) 1 – 2
Nennspannung / Rated Voltage (Vp-p) 1,5
Stromaufnahme / Current Consumption (mA) max. 40
Lautstärke / Sound Pressure Level (SPL) (dB/10cm) min 75/typ 80
Wicklungswiderstand / Coil resistance (Ώ) 15+/-3
Resonanzfrequenz / resonant frequency (Hz) 2048
Betriebstemperatur / operating temperature (°C) -20 – 70
Abmessungen / Dimensions (mm) 12 x 12
Gewicht / Weight (g) 2

F/SWI 165

12V magnetic SMD Buzzer

FSWI 155 

Betriebsspannung / Operating Voltage (VDC) 8 – 15
Nennspannung / Rated Voltage (Vp-p) 12
Stromaufnahme / Current Consumption (mA) max. 30
Lautstärke / Sound Pressure Level (SPL) (dB/10cm) min. 90
Resonanzfrequenz / resonant frequency (Hz) 2.300 +/-300
Betriebstemperatur / operating temperature (°C) -40 to +85
Abmessungen / Dimensions (mm) 12.8 x 12.8
Gewicht / Weight (g) 3

F/YWB 24

24V mechanical Buzzer


Betriebsspannung / Operating Voltage (V) 20 – 28
Nennspannung / Rated Voltage (V) 24
Stromaufnahme / Current Consumption (mA) max. 35
Frequenz / Frequency 400
Lautstärke / Sound Pressure Level (SPL) (dB/10cm) min. 95
Betriebstemperatur / Operating Temperature (°C) -40 – 70
Abmessungen / Dimensions (mm)  26 x 26
Gewicht / Weight (g) 17